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Professional Athlete Program (PAP)

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  • The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is committed to supporting professional, elite and local athletes by offering more than R2.2million in prize money annually.
  • Professional Athletes’ Programme (PAP) – Due to numerous reasons including special drinks stations, organization, logistics, anti-doping & media, all international athletes and local athletes (who hope to qualify for prize money), need to apply and be accepted into the PAP, applications are to be sent through to the meeting organisers, for attention of the professional athlete co-ordinator, no later than 8 weeks prior to the event – e-mail address: PAP@capetownmarathon.com
  • PAP INVITED INTERNATIONAL ATHLETES: Please note that the 2017 SCTM is an IAAF GOLD LABEL STATUS marathon, this means that we are required to invite athletes from at least 5 countries and that these athletes should meet the following IAAF Gold Label Status standards; Gold Label Status Times (recorded within the past 36 months – from our race date of 17 September 2017).


MARATHON: Men: 2:10:00 and Women: 2:28:00
HALF MARATHON: Men: 1:01:00 and Women: 1:11:00
10KM: 28:00 and Women: 32:00
  • All international athletes (particularly athletes who hope to qualify for prize money), including those who may be running for local clubs, will only be accepted if she / he represents herself / himself or if represented by an authorized athlete representative (as listed on IAAF.org for year 2017), and are required to present a written approval (a permit) from their National federations.  Proof of the fore-mentioned requirements, along with a copy of athlete’s passport need to be handed over to the event organisers, for the attention of the professional athlete co-ordinator, 4 weeks prior to the event taking place.  All athletes who do not present such permits and copies of passports within the given time-frame will NOT be eligible for prize money and the event organisers reserve the right to stop such athlete from taking part in the event.
  • PAP: LOCAL ATHLETES (SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS): Local athletes will be considered to race within the PAP field provided they have qualified for at least an IAAF bronze label status time (recorded within the past 36 months – from our race date of 17 September 2017), all applications (including a motivating letter and athletes CV with times) need to be sent through to PAP@capetownmarathon.com.
MARATHON: Men 2:16:00 and Women 2:38:00
HALF MARATHON: Men 1:04:00 and Women 1:15:00
10KM: Men 30:00 and Women 37:00
  • All international athletes will be subject to Income Tax, this will be deducted from the prize money as required by the South African Revenue Service.  Furthermore some athletes / Managers may need to be required to get SARB approval prior to payment being made.
  • To apply for the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon PAP – CLICK HERE


Standard Published Time Bonuses (not cumulative but “best of”)     

  • Time incentives – All athletes who run the following times within the 2017 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon (42.2km) will qualify for a time bonus of R25,000. TIME BONUS TIMES: Men: Sub 2:08:00 and Women: Sub 2:26:00
  • IAAF Gold Label Status Time BONUS – All Athletes who reach gold label status marathon times within the 2017 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon will qualify for a gold label bonus of R15,000. IAAF GOLD TIME: MARATHON: Men: Sub: 2:10:00 and Women: Sub: 2:28:00
  • IAAF Bronze Label Status Time Bonus – All South African Athletes (must produce confirmation of citizenship) who run a bronze label status marathon time within the 2017 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon event will qualify for a bronze label bonus of R10,000. IAAF BRONZE TIME: MARATHON: Men Sub: 2:16:00 and Women Sub: 2:38:00

Standard Published Event Record Bonuses     

  • Record – If the athlete is first in the 2017 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon and breaks the course record for the 42.2km he / she will qualify for an added record bonus of R100,000CURRENT SANLAM CAPE TOWN MARATHON RECORDS 
    • MENS: 02:08:41 (2016) – Asefa Negewo (Ethiopia)
    • WOMEN: 02:30:20 (2015) – Isabella Ochichi (Kenya)

Terms and Conditions Apply. These incentives are only applicable to contracted Sanlam Cape Town Marathon PAP field and South African Athletes. These incentives are not applicable for other competitions that may or may not be associated with the event.