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Are you ready to #challengeyourself to run your first marathon? Gear up your training programme with the help of B-vitamins, to help maintain your energy levels.

How do B-vitamins work?

Many active people realise that B-vitamins are important and supplement to help support their energy levels. However, there is not always a clear understanding of how they work.

  • Fatigue resistance:
    Regular exercise increases the natural energy turnover in the body. With increased energy turnover, the amount of B-vitamins utilized in the biochemical processes of energy generation is increased. Failing to replenish these critical B-vitamins after exercise is likely to cause fatigue, simply because the body cannot convert energy fast enough to meet the high demands during physical activity.
  • Sports performance :
    B-vitamins facilitate conversion of energy from the foods we eat, into muscle power.
    ATP, as the energy currency for exercise, is generated from the mitochondria inside our muscle cells. B-vitamins participate in the biochemical reactions where energy is converted into a format that the muscle cells can use.

B-vitamins cannot provide energy – energy (measured in kilojoules) is derived from carbohydrates, fats and protein in our diets. B-vitamins facilitate conversion of energy from the foods we eat, into muscle power.


Do you follow a high-performance, busy and stressful lifestyle? Vital Maxi B, your high-potency vitamin B complex, provides the extra boost. B vitamins are crucial for dealing with daily stress and combating mental and physical fatigue. Added vitamin C aids absorption of B vitamins, functions as an antioxidant and assists in maintaining healthy gums, skin and connective tissue.

How much do you need?
1 capsule of Vital Maxi B contains high concentrations of all the B-vitamins needed to support energy metabolism.

When do you take it?
For the best absorption, take your B-vitamin supplement with or after a meal. The best time of day is with breakfast, or 1 hour before your training session, to make sure your body has access to these important energy support nutrients when you exercise.

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