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Are you ready to #challengeyourself to run your first marathon? Make sure you stay healthy during winter, to keep up with your training programme. By Andrea du Plessis, Vital Nutrition Expert.

When you suffer with a cold or flu, your body has to fight the virus responsible for this respiratory infection. During such a viral infection, opportunistic bacteria invade and infect the sinuses and lungs, causing secondary infections such as bacterial sinusitis and bronchitis.

It is an extremely difficult task for the body to fight such a variety of infections, especially considering the staggering fact that a bacteria cell can multiply much faster than your own immune cells, making it impossible for them to keep up.
Taking herbal remedies with antibacterial and antiviral properties can help the body to fight such infections.
Garlic is a herb, most often used for its flavour in food, but also as a natural medicine, as it has many healing properties. Garlic’s greatest benefit in supporting the immune system is in its anti-microbial properties:

• Antiviral: garlic has activity against a variety of influenza virus strains
• Antibacterial: garlic deactivates certain enzymes that are needed for bacteria to grow

Did you know? Garlic’s antimicrobial effects are mostly ascribed to the sulphur containing compounds, such as allicin and ajoene. The antimicrobial effects of garlic oil are stronger than that from garlic powder, or dried garlic.

In addition to garlic’s antimicrobial effects, it also contains immune stimulatory effects, including:

• Increased immune cell production
• Increased immune cell activity
• Improved immune system response to infection


Vital Garlic & Parsley contains garlic oil plus added parsley oil, a rich source of the antioxidant chlorophyll, assists in masking garlic odours.

How much do you need? 1-2 capsules 3 times daily.

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