RACE NUMBERS & KIT: One race number has been issued. Registered club athletes must wear their ASA licences on the front and back of their vest. The race number must be worn on the front of the vest, partially covering the ASA licence, so that the ASA licence sponsor remains visible. Temporary licenced runners must wear the race number on the front of their vest and the WPA temporary licence on the back.

  • Race numbers are not to be altered in any way
  • No advertising or political flags are permitted on your running T-shirt or Race Number

ELITE ATHLETES FIELD – Special Licence Number Two Special Licence Numbers (bibs) have been issued with permission from ASA. These bibs may cover the normal ASA permanent licences. The ASA permanent licences do not need to be worn or displayed.

A BATCH: Two race numbers have been issued. Registered club athletes must wear their ASA licences on the front and back of their vest. The race numbers must be worn front and back, partially covering the ASA licence, so that the ASA licence sponsor remains visible.


Age category tags must be worn (front and back) and visible for the entire race to be eligible for any age category prize. Please note that running in your club colours is encouraged and that full club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes. No advertising or political flags are permitted on your running T shirt or Race Number.



  • The letter in front of your race number indicates your seeding pen.
  • Age-group tags are indicated on your race number, and can replace material age numbers.


  • Your front race number is the number with the disposable timing chip attached.
  • Please do not bend or fold your race number as this could affect the antennae and the signal capability of the chip.
  • Wear your Temporary timing chip during the race to qualify for position, race time and prizes.
  • TOP EVENTS will provide an emergency helpdesk at the start line of the marathon, on the morning of the event.


The Marathon Start (BLUE START) is at the corner of Granger Bay Boulevard and Beach Road, Green Point. Please familiarize yourself with the start area before you arrive and follow the directional signage.

PLEASE NOTE: The marathon start can ONLY be accessed from Granger Bay Boulevard (at Beach Road circle).  NO ACCESS WILL BE ALLOWED FROM BEACH ROAD. i.e. The front [the back of the field] of the race, you must feed in from the back.

  • Please be in your designated seeding pen by 6:15am.
  • We encourage participants to arrive early, and plan an access route prior to the race, as the start area will be congested.

The START area offers the following facilities:

  • Toilets
  • Tog Bag Drop off Area
  • Information Area
  • Emergency Race Desk – this is situated at the Lookout in the V&A Waterfront (EXPO venue)

WATER STATIONS: There are water stations situated at every 3km or less. Both Coca Cola and water will be available. For further details on the placement of the water stations please consult your race information booklet on registration or consult our route map

TOILETS: There are toilet facilities at the start, at all the water stations and at the finish. There will also be toilet banks at the following points along the marathon route:

  • At Grand Parade, opposite City Hall – 8.5km
  • On Main Road in Newlands (Klipper Rd) – at 15.5km
  • On Liesbeek Parkway (Blackriver Business Park) – 25.5km
  • My Citi Bus route (Paarden Eiland) – at 34km
  • On Loop Str (Cullinan Hotel) – at 39.5km

The following public toilets will be open for use:

  • At the Grand Parade opposite the City Hall – at 9km


Mediclinic are our medical partners, and will be looking after you on race day. FOR ANY MEDICAL EMERGENCIES CALL 021 417 4150.

  • There will be a full medical tent at the finish, and a medic with a golf cart will assist with the transport of injured runners to the race hospital.
  • Information relating to runners who have been admitted to the medical tent will be available at the information centre, located on the field at the finish.

Mediclinic & ER24 Medical Points & Deep Heat Massage zones will be located at the following points along the marathon route:

  • At 20.5km, on Rondebosch Common
  • At 33.9km on MyCiti Bus Route
  • At 39.2km on Loop Street on grass area outside Cullinan Hotel
  • At 40.5km outside Prestwich Museum
  • There will be a full medical and Vital Massage tent at the finish

Several mobile ER24 ambulances or Medical Personnel will be stationed approximately every 5km along the route.


Due to IAAF requirements the race organisers will be strictly enforcing cut-off times in certain locations.  There will be pick up busses at these locations for all athletes that do not make these cut-off times.



The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon has taken on the following initiatives in ensuring the greening and sustainability of the event. We thank you for helping us achieve this.


The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon has undertaken the policy of a zero waste to landfill policy. All waste will be processed, recycled or re-used.

  • Do not litter – #TAKE ACTION
  • Measure and off-set your carbon footprint (GREENPOPS)
  • Support our Climate Neutral Projects

The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon event is a climate neutral event.  We are encouraging all runners to help us support our #DoNotLitter campaign. Please consider the environment and take action – here are some actions that you can assist us with;

  • Carry your own water (where possible)in a hydration pack or water bottle belt
  • Throw your used water sachets in the “CHUCK ZONES” bins provided. Please don’t litter by just dropping your water sachet in the road or on the pavement, the race will be providing many ‘Chuck Zones’ and ‘Bins’ so please ensure that you always look for one and dispose of your sachet in the bins provided, or carry the sachet till you can throw it away.
  • Dropping of sachets is NOT encouraged and NOT recommended – we are proudly a climate neutral event and we appreciate all the support we can get from you. Please encourage your fellow runners to support our “DO NOT LITTER” campaign

We aim to be sustainable and appeal to each and every runner to do their best to keep the City of Cape Town clean.



Due to the severe drought affecting the Western Cape we will be taking the following steps to reduce our water usage: There will be no showers at the finish area of the marathon

  • Only 2 sachets per person is allocated at each water station.
  • No showers
  • Chemical toilets
  • We will be distributing unused water sachets to the needy
  • All left over water sachets will be recycled.

We encourage all runners to be aware of water wastage and thank you for your care, consideration, and understanding.