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The Company Gardens – preserving our heritage

Company’s Garden Projects addressing adaption to Climate Change .

In mid – 2014, the City Parks Department in co-operation with the City’s Environmental and Heritage Resources Dept. completed an exhibition fruit and vegetable garden in the heritage site ‘The Company’s Garden’. This vegetable garden also contains labelled examples of African traditional medicinal and culinary herbs which serve as a display to educate visitors and school-groups about the highly advanced herbal knowledge of indigenous peoples. The vegetables recall the origins of the garden while also creating awareness and advocacy for ‘food –security’ community garden projects.

Aligned to this, in mid-2016 the Company’s Garden has re-connected it’s irrigation system to ‘spring-water’, sourced from the Vineyard Spring. This water is the same as was originally used to irrigate the Company’s Garden 360 years ago. The upper and mid-portions of the garden and the vegetable garden are now irrigated by non-potable, spring-water which makes considerable savings of mains, potable water. In a time which is beset by drought and water shortage, this project addresses water-savings initiatives and promotes a ‘water-wise’ and sustainable gardening philosophy. The next phase of this project will be to connect the lower portion of the garden to this system and thereby enable the entire garden to be irrigated by non-potable, spring-water.

Both the above projects recall the origins of the heritage site ‘The Company’s Garden’ and so preserve our heritage while they also respond to modern pressures of ‘food security’ and ‘water-scarcity’. Through these projects, The City Parks Department seeks to address these issues while also creating awareness and supporting advocacy for community projects which also seek to address these needs.

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