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The Green Point Park – A showcase of an Urban Park

 Origins :

The redevelopment of the Green Point Common in 2010 marked a new phase in the life of the space we now call the Green Point Urban Park. From being used as browsing for animals before recorded history, to an unsuccessful farm once Cape Town was used as a refreshment station, to being used as a military base and prison, to a space where many historical sporting milestones were achieved through time. The parks proximity to the city centre, beach and the overlooking mountains, give the park a unique character, which is enjoyed by all that visit.


The Green Point Park has a number of features that encourage activity and education, including the Biodiversity Showcase garden, labyrinth, Trim Park, sun dial, play parks as well as several events spaces. The open spaces provide area for activity and events.

Future vision :

Our vision is simply to continue to be a destination, where visitor use a clean and safe park, where best practice is applied in its maintenance and management. Our governing theme is the environment and education, two areas where we wish to improve.

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