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“Preparing for a marathon, the focus should be on strength, endurance and pace runs,” “You need to be strong if you want to run a good marathon. By incorporating strength conditioning it will help you stay injury free and handle the distance a lot better. Also incorporate hill repeats. It will make you tough.” Elana Meyer.

Long distance runs are key to your success, but it is not necessary to prepare purely on a tar surface. Slower distance efforts need to be included in the training regimen of every aspiring marathon runner, because time spent on one’s legs is a vital part of preparation. Speed work, however, also plays a part as it will make racing more comfortable.

“Incorporate time trials, park runs or longer intervals into your programme. It will help with running economy and you will feel a lot more comfortable at marathon race pace.”

KEY TIPS for Sanlam Cape Town Marathon participants:

  • Have fun and enjoy the journey
  • Make sure you have training buddies when you sign up for the marathon. The journey will be much more enjoyable
  • If you can, do most of your runs off-road
  • Follow a 12, 16 or 24 week programme. There are several training programs on the race website (http://www.capetownmarathon.com/information/training-tips/)
  • Sign up with one of the Sanlam Marathon Coaches for on-line coaching http://www.soulrunning.co.za/