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Anna Foundation

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Charity Information

The Anna Foundation runs after-schools for children living on farms and in rural areas of the Western Cape. They implement the “3 R’s Programme: Reading, Running, Right-ing”, which involves education, sports and life skills (presented through drama). This professionally designed, holistic programme is aimed at learners from Grade R – 12 and aims to empower rural children with life skills and core values, building self-worth and self-responsibility.  The Anna Foundation also trains women and men from the farming communities to implement the daily running of the 3 R’s Programme.

The Anna Foundation’s aim is that each child will develop a positive vision for his or her own future, while also ensuring they make a positive future contribution to South Africa as a whole.


Givengain: http://www.annafoundation.givengain.org

Contact: info@annafoundation.com or phone +27 (0) 21 - 885 1922

Childrens Hospital Trust

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Charity Information

Since it was established in 1994, the Children’s Hospital Trust has funded prioritised projects and programmes at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and in 2011 implemented an outreach strategy to broadly impact on paediatric healthcare in the Western Cape Province. This has resulted in even more children being granted the best possible chance of living the life they were destined for. The Children’s Hospital Trust is driven by its commitment to get children back home where they belong – safe from injury and the burden of disease that is rife on the African continent.

The Hospital is a beacon of hope in child healthcare in Africa and provides a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists to diagnose and treat young patients who require complex medical interventions. A purpose-designed facility for children is crucial to ensure a world-class paediatric medical service is delivered – not only because children are physically smaller but also because medical intervention in children is far more intricate than in adults.

As the largest, stand-alone tertiary hospital dedicated entirely to child health in sub-Saharan Africa, the Red Cross Children’s Hospital’s stature far outweighs its 260 000 annual patient visits. It holds the hope of a healthy childhood, a parent’s faith in healing, and a medical professional’s gift of prevention and cure for tomorrow’s most precious resources – our children.

For detailed information on the Children’s Hospital Trust and the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital visit www.childrenshospitaltrust.org.za.


Contact Andrea Sasman at Andrea.Sasman@chtrust.org.za or phone +27 (0)21 686 7860

Drakenstein Hospice

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Charity Information

At Drakenstein Palliative Hospice we believe in caring for the community, in the community, with the community. Helping people, help people, to embrace life and living… a hopeful future.

Traditionally Hospices care for patients with an expectation of ‘dying’. Due to the changing nature of life-threatening illnesses and the poor socio economic climate and limited resources available, we care for not only the infected patients but also their children and the affected community who are confronted with an expectation of ‘living’ with a life-threatening illness and in very harsh conditions.

Contact: Elizabeth Scrimgeour at +27 (021) 8724060


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Charity Information

We at Eduvate aim to turn the severe loss of human potential around by drastically improving the opportunities and dreams of the many learners whose circumstances rob them of hope and a meaningful future. Eduvate was registered as a Not-for-Profit company in 2011 in order carry forward a vision for quality education

We envision a new world of innovative learning communities:

School communities that develops 21st century skills and have access to new technology and best-practices;
teachers that are equipped, passionate and skilled to change education for the better;
purposeful learning that is project-based and cultivates entrepreneurs, innovators and critical thinkers;
Learners that are self-taught, self-directed and highly motivated, constantly adding value to their own learning and community.
Eduvate intends to bring forth a redesign in how learning rakes place and a flip in traditional thinking. Working collaboratively with school communities and various stakeholders, we aim to create, implement, and share innovative educational practices and resources, with the core focus on numeracy, literacy and technology.

Through this mission, we aim to cultivate school communities that successfully prepare and position the next generation to be innovative contributors to the social, economic and environmental growth and wellbeing of local communities and inevitably our country.

Contact Tarien Odendal - tarien@eduvate.org.za

Endurocad – brought to you by Elana Meyer

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Charity Information

First of its kind on the African continent, ENDUROCAD aims to become the most proficient distance running and endurance academy in Africa.  It offers a complete suite of services to support and professionally manage young South Africans who have the potential to become world class distance runners.

  • SACanRun KIDS Schools Development Programs
  • SACanRun YOUTH Development Programs
  • Endurocad Endurance Academy

As a non-profit company it relies heavily on the public to support its initiatives.  It is brought to you by Elana Meyer.

Committed to excellence


Givengain platform: https://www.givengain.com/cc/2017SCTM/

Just Giving platform: https://www.justgiving.com/endurocad/


Contact Elana Meyer at elana@endurocad.co.za


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Charity Information

Feenix was launched in June 2017 as a response to the #FeesMustFall movement that spread across campuses in South Africa during 2015 and 2016. This movement highlighted the extremely high cost of tertiary education and the impact financial stress has on student success rates.

We created Feenix, an online fundraising platform that connects communities; providing a tool for students to formalize their fundraising efforts and a channel for funders to find students they wish to support.

The Feenix team is young, diverse and passionate about education. We believe that access to education should not be dependent on wealth. Our founding partner, Standard Bank, share in this belief and without their financial support and guidance, Feenix would not be in existence today.

Feenix is a Public Benefit Organisation (930057053) and governed by a Trust (IT831/2017)

Home from Home

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Charity Information

Home from Home provides supported and supervised community-based foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children in South Africa.

In 2005, Jane Payne and Pippa Shaper envisioned a future where orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa would not have to grow up in institutional children’s homes. This vision led them to found Home from Home, which became one of the first non-profit organisations in South Africa to practice Cluster Foster Care.

We believe that living in a small family unit with a dedicated foster mother or foster parents is the next best place for children who can’t be cared for by their own biological families. Our children grow up in a network of small, family homes in their communities where they can retain their culture and grow up speaking their mother-tongue.  They have a foster family to support and care for them.  Our hope is that one day they will either be reunited with their biological families, or failing that, that we have provided them with the best possible foundation to lead happy, successful lives.

The majority of our homes are run alongside a community associate, which is either a local community or faith based organisation. These associations ensure community support for our homes. By working with our associates we are able to empower them to care for their own children in need, whilst ensuring they have access to the expertise and resources required to provide a high level of care for their children.

Today, we are proud to say we care for over 200 vulnerable children through a network of 34 homes across fifteen communities. We also consult to several organisations around South Africa to assist them to implement our unique and successful model of care.


Contact Charisse Fourie - tel: +27 21 761 7251 or e-mail: charisse@homefromhome.org.za

JAG Foundation

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Charity Information

Alcohol and drugs are the root cause of almost all of South Africa’s ills: gangsterism, crime, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, broken homes and unemployment etc., which are actively prevalent in the lives of children in disadvantaged communities.

To a large part, these ills are accepted as part of a natural life path, where there is a culture you live by with no alternatives or perceived options for these children.

We as the JAG Foundations utilise sport and play as a catalyst for change, exposing children in disadvantaged communities to an alternate life path. Our mentoring, coaching, knowledge and organised sport and play programmes, target the issues of alcohol, drugs and gangsterism head-on by showing children the real and attainable opportunity of an alternative life path, that can give them hope and an escape from a societal predisposition of their future.

Our programmes utilise Athletics, Running, Cycling, and Rugby as codes or disciplines to expose the alternative life path, by imparting paramount core values learned through sport, play, and fun. These vehicles take form under the brands Mighty Metres (basics movement development – Athletics and Running), JAGRunners (Cross Country coach development), JAGRiders (Cycling), JAGRugby (Rugby), and JAGBullyProof (Ball games).

Our programmes have been successfully rolled out and sustained since 2006, covering predominantly the Cape Flats area including Bonteheuwel, Mitchels Plain, Fir Grove, Belhar, and Lavender Hill to name a few. We implement facilitator-training programme, where key individuals are identified from within the rollout community, trained as mentors under the guise of trainers in the philosophy and mission of the JAG Foundation, trained to correctly implement the various JAG Foundation programmes, and up-skilled as accredited sports coaches. These facilitators are then employed and recognised as JAG Foundation Mentors and are designated a satellite turn-key programme to run and implement under the continuous monitoring and management of the JAG Foundation.

For more information phone Chris on 0717790650 or mail: chris@jagfoundation.org.za

Make A Difference Leadership Foundation

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Charity Information

Make A Difference Leadership Foundation was founded in 2003 by Francois Pienaar, and focuses on leadership development through education. The approach is to identify scholars with academic and leadership potential, who do not have the necessary financial resources to afford a quality education, and offer them comprehensive support in the areas of education, mentorship, leadership and life-skills development. Make A Difference Leadership Foundation’s scholarship is awarded throughout the scholars’ academic and personal journeys, and ensures that they have the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their full potential as future leaders of South Africa. Through the comprehensive, personal and long-term support offered to the Make A Difference Leadership Foundation scholars through the Scholarship Programme, the aim is to develop an alumni of Make A Difference Leadership Foundation Fellows who invest back in South Africa and who are a powerful force for positive change in their own unique way and leaders in their own right.

Be the difference. Join the movement.

The leaders of tomorrow need our leadership today.

Website: www.madleadership.org

Contact us: 021 948 9871
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