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Virtual Race FAQs

Find the answers to your frequently answered questions regarding the Sanlam Cape Town Virtual Marathon.

Yes, the 2020 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon was officially cancelled on 23 June 2020 – this includes the Peace and Trail Runs.

However, the Virtual Marathon, Virtual Half Marathon, as well as the 10km & 5km Virtual Peace Runs will take place on 18 October 2020. Entries are now open.

Yes – entrants into the traditional race will receive a full refund, or can choose to donate their entry fee to charity. All donated funds will be equally donated between the Community Chest of the Western Cape and the Peninsula School Feeding Association.

You have until 23h59 on 23 July 2020 to request your refund via your Webtickets account.

Refund Instructions

  • Please log into your Webtickets profile
  • Click on “My Tickets” and select “Choose Action” and “Refund Tickets” next to your transaction.
  • You will have the option to confirm a refund, or donate your entry to charity. All donations will be split equally between the Community Chest of the Western Cape and the Peninsula School Feeding Association.
  • If you paid by credit card, your refund will be automatically processed.
    If you paid via EFT or at Pick n Pay, you will be prompted to enter your banking details.

If you entered on behalf of family members or friends, you will be required to follow the same procedure for their entries too. This excludes entries into the Sanlam Cape Town Virtual Marathon, Virtual Half Marathon and 5km & 10km Virtual Peace Runs, which will go ahead as planned.

Refunds are processed and paid within 7 – 10 working days from the day you make your refund request.

Unfortunately our payment portal doesn’t facilitate transfers and partial refunds. Please follow the self-service refund steps within your Webtickets profile, and then enter your choice of the virtual marathon, half marathon, 10km or 5km.

With races being cancelled across the globe, many athletes are yearning for a definite and tangible goal to work towards. 

We have decided to develop and launch an interactive and immersive Virtual Race which you can run – within the lockdown parameters of the location you find yourself in – on 18 October.

The Virtual Marathon, Half Marathon and 5km & 10km Peace Runs will all take place on 18 October 2020, and runners may start any time between 6am and 10am (local time).

** As the Virtual Race is freed of geographical and time zone confines, the Marathon start time will be an athlete’s local time.

The 2020 edition of the Peace Trail Runs have been cancelled. There will not be a Virtual Race option for the Trail Runs.

All finishers will receive a digital medal and certificate.

Virtual Race participants may not follow the actual Cape Town Marathon race course on 18 October. 

Participants will be required to map out their own 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km or 5km routes, while strictly adhering to the traffic rules and regulations in their area.

Athletes will also be required to adhere to any COVID-19 related hygiene, physical and social distancing regulations set out by their local authorities.

This will strictly depend on the COVID-19 related hygiene, physical and social distancing regulations, and lockdown levels set out by participants’ local authorities.

Due to the nature of the Virtual Race, with athletes participating in every corner of the world, athletes are required to be self-supported. 

If COVID-19 related lockdown and distancing regulations allow this at the time of your race, why not encourage your family and friends to be a part of your journey and support you along the way!

This is currently under review and will be communicated to all athletes in due course.

The Virtual Race app can only be used on Race Day. Entrants will receive a link and code to download, install and test the app well ahead of 18 October.

There won’t be any seeding for the Virtual Marathon, as participants will be able to start their race any time between 6am and 10am on 18 October.

You will be required to download the Virtual Race app, load your profile and sync with your activity tracker, which must be worn / carried on Race Day. Your phone’s GPS location must be on to enable live tracking.

Athletes residing in South Africa will have the option to purchase a t-shirt when they enter the Virtual Race. Due to posting restrictions and courier costs, this option is unfortunately not available to runners living outside of South Africa.

All Virtual Race entrants will receive a digital race number.

Marathon: 20 years on Race Day

Half Marathon: 16 years on Race Day

10km Peace Run: 14 years on Race Day

5km Peace Run: No limit

You will require data to download the Virtual Marathon App, and we recommend that you do this while connected to WiFi.  The App itself won’t use data while you are running as all functionality (audio and clips) will be embedded.

You will be required to use the Virtual Marathon App, which will provide you with your full Sanlam Cape Town Virtual Marathon experience from start to finish.

The App will use your cell phone GPS tracker to track your progress, which means your phone’s location function must be switched on, and you will need to run with your phone.

However, it is strongly recommended that you still run with your normal fitness tracker / GPS watch as a back-up.

As is the nature of any virtual race, runners will be covering their distance in different seasons, time zones, weather conditions, altitudes and gradients. No route will be the same, and the only common denominator will be the distance.

You will be racing against yourself and the Virtual Race clock, while the global community of runners signing up to participate will see their results on a leader board.

No, as your GPS location will be tracked through your phone and Virtual Marathon App in real time, you will be required to run on the road or any open spaces allowable within your local COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. You can, however, create a short route comprising multiple loops.

Deferred entries are mostly applicable to sold-out races. If we are required to cancel the 2020 event, entrants will receive a full refund. You will then have the option to enter one of our virtual races.

We find ourselves in strange times at the moment, and nobody can predict what is going to happen in the next few months. The Virtual Marathon is meant to give runners from across the world the opportunity to unite on Race Day, and run in the conditions they are allowed to, as long as they comply with their local regulations.