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Cape Town Marathon Training Expert

Cape Town Marathon Training Expert

Ever since I could remember my brother and I were always on the move trying to get rid of some of the endless energy load we were blessed with. No matter how long or hard the day was, there always had to be “just one more time”!

After a few decades of running, this feeling has not disappeared and running is still a very important part of my day.

My intention to share some of my training and exercise secrets with you is two-fold:

  • To help you experience the absolute ambience of running enjoyment again.
  • To assist you in achieving your unique walking, running, cycling or triathlon goals – remember there is no goal too small to aim for. 

For a specialised program specific to you go to www.soulrunning.co.za

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My style of coaching might differ from the ordinary and it follows a more specific intensity approach rather than a high volume/high mileage traditional way of getting fitter, but also more prone to injury and overtraining. I choose to meet you at your current fitness level, rather than where you were previously in your life.

I think that mentioning a coach to a beginner walker/runner might sounds intimidating, but please don’t let that be your experience. The pleasure to see someone gain small strides and growing towards their goals is just as special as the more experience person achieving theirs.

I offer the following programs:

  • walking (recreational), walk to run, running, trail running, triathlon & mountain biking – MTB

All programs are designed around your available time allocated to exercise. I encourage communication via email as this will be your medium to receive all programs.

I am looking forward to being part of this exciting journey to becoming a healthier person with you.
Run well, Mo

Training with Soul Running

Training with Soul Running


Mauritz Jansen van Rensburg, better known as Mo, is a seasoned athlete who has been running for the last 36 years. He has a passion for running and runs an on-line personalised training site called SOUL running.

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Mo studied at Free State University and finished his degree in Bcom financial economics at UNISA.

He started off with track and field in primary school focusing on middle distance and high jump. He achieved provincial running colors in his early twenties for cross country running. Thereafter his career started blossoming in Triathlon with:

  • South African representation in Triathlon (age group level)
  • South African representation in Duathlon (Elite or professional level)
  • Racing professionally for Montpellier, a club in France during the 1997 and 1998 seasons.
  • Completing six Ironman events including Hawaii Ironman with his fastest finish in 2008 Ironman South Africa in 10h15min.

Running highlights include:

  • Fastest 10km time: 31:06s
  • Fastest 21.1km time: 69:56s
  • Fastest 42.2km time: 2h36:15
  • Two Oceans 56km time: 3h58min

Trail running highlights:

  • Winning the Cape Odyssey 2008 5day/208km trail running race.
  • Winning the Pronutro African X trail race for Veteran teams in 2011.
  • Coming second in the mixed open category at the 2012 Pronutro African X trail race.
  • Part of the winning team at the Total sport challenge in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  • Winning the Dryland Traverse 3day Trail Mens open team in 2011 an 2013.

Jaques Jacques Jansen van Rensburg was one of the best juniors’ athletes in the South Africa over distances ranging from 1500m to cross country.  He ran his first dream mile at the age of 19 and till today holds 2 SA junior records on the track (mile in 3:58 and 2000m in 5:07)

Jacques was on a full scholarship to University of Nebraska where he studied Exercise Physiology and graduated in 1991. During that period he received his All-American USA colors for both track & cross-country.

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He returned to SA and represented & captained two teams to world cross country championships; he won numerous road races and is a well experienced marathon athlete.

Today he owns his own lifestyle training business, coach a group of talented athletes from junior to national level with great success.  He is still competing and a great example and role model to many.

During his running career he did numerous short courses to massage and work for over 2 years at the Back to Health Chiropractic Centre in Georgia, Atlanta.  Today an extensive part of his business is to optimize personal performance through preventative treatments including deep myo-fascial massage, alignment and functional rehabilitation.



With over 12 years of coaching experience and 30 years competitive athletic experience, Coach Kathleen offers customised  training programs designed to suit each runner’s individual needs. Whether you are a beginner, seasoned veteran, weekend warrior or racing snake, Coach Kathleen can help you achieve your individual goals.

Coach Kathleen is a well known specialist in developing young endurance athletes . Age specific junior squad training is offered all year round in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. See Team Supernova for more info.


ASICSMY ASICS – a training app by ASICS helps you achieve your running goals by planning and training smarter. For more information to download the app and ensure a customised training programme click here :https://my.asics.com/za/en-za

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