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  • Be smart on race day and make sure that you enjoy this beautiful marathon and the fruits of all your training.
  • Be race wise, don’t forget your sunblock, apply liberally before the race and should you feel that you need more sunblock, the Mediclinic team have sunblock available at all the medical points.
  • 15 water stations are situated along the route for your peace of mind. Please manage your hydration sensibly. When training, take note of how much fluid you require to feel hydrated as it is important to stick to your body’s requirements on race day. A rough guide is to drink to your thirst – you do NOT have to drink at every water station. It is far more dangerous to be overhydrated then to be a little dehydrated as studies have shown that 2 to 3% dehydration does not significantly impair performance.
  • Should you be vomiting or have diarrhoea, please report to the closest Mediclinic or ER24 point where experienced doctors and nurses are available to assist you.


Cramps are common even in experienced runners. The exact cause of cramping is a contentious issue and may involve many factors. Cramp can be experienced by individuals that overexert a fatigued muscle, or it can be due to electrolyte abnormalities, or heat stress.

If you experience cramp, stop running, stretch the muscle and apply ice. Ice will be available at water points. While you stretch the muscle, have an isotonic beverage. It is recommended that the drink should be a 6% carbohydrate electrolyte solution.

Should you experience involuntary twitching of your muscles, or you have more than one part of your body affected, it could have a more serious cause. Seek out the assistance of the physiotherapists available along the route. The Mediclinic medical team will be on hand should cramping persist and it requires further medical treatment.


In case of emergency please call the MEDICAL EMERGENCY LINE on SATURDAY: 021 4307389 and on SUNDAY: 021 4174150.

If you have a medical problem please go to a Mediclinic medical points, these are situated at 21.1km, 33.5km and 40.3km.

A race hospital is situated at the finish line; please use this facility if you are not feeling well.

Mediclinic is the official race partner of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. All onsite medical services provided by Mediclinic staff on the day are covered by this sponsorship agreement. A private ambulance will be arranged if required.


Done with the race….keep walking!!

The most common cause of collapse on race day is exercise associated collapse. In simple terms, when you exercise, the pumping action of your muscles helps move blood back to your heart. If you abruptly stop exercising as you cross the finish line it is not uncommon to feel faint or collapse. This unpleasant situation can be easily avoided by continuing to walk for a period of time to allow your body to slowly adjust to the change of pace.

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