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Dr Darren Green, SCTM Race Doctor and Mediclinic Corporate Events Manager, gives us some insightful tips on how to come out on top for this year’s Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. He breaks them down into the 3 E’s – Event, Environment and Equipment.


For the success of your race it is important to understand the event you have signed up for. Read up on the history of the event, as well as the reviews of the athletes who have run it before you. Make sure you are aware of the infrastructure and support provided – most importantly the hydration, nutrition and medical support.


This is about more than just the weather! This is about the temperature, the wind and wind direction, the humidity, and the pollen count. What is critical for runners in the hotter events is to make sure heat exposure is managed and hydration checks are done to ensure the race is completed with the maximum pleasure. It is critical to know your environment well to help you prepare as adequately as possible!


You spend a lot of time on the road as a marathon runner and in this case hopefully less than 6.30 hours. Whatever you do, do not change your recipe on the day – something as simple as different socks with an unusual seam can make your day turn from lovely to painful. So keep your kit consistent with what you used during training – this include the shoes you run in (style, generation and brand), the socks, the kit. With regards to your kit make sure it is well ventilated with good temperature control, and don’t forget your peak cap! Lastly make sure you consider the colours of the kit you are wearing – remember black attacks heat and white reflects it.

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