Mediclinic Health Pre-screening Questionaire

To all potential participants of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon

In order to plan effectively for Race Day, we need to better understand the health status of all our runners. You are empowering us to give you the highest level of patient safety by completing the medical questionnaire. Pre-screening adds a vital extra layer of patient care in the lead-up to the race.
The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon is a mass participation event, there is no qualifying race, which leaves many runners exposed due to inexperience or simply not knowing they are at risk.

The pre-screening questionnaire is not only about finishing the race in good health. It is important to understand that we are not trying to prevent you from participating, but rather ensuring that all parties are well-prepared for this world class event.

Our aim is to prevent as many adverse medical events as possible, by high level screening and pro-active planning.
The medical questionnaire consists of a series of yes/no questions relating to your medical history, previous medical complications during races or training and common injuries. If you are healthy and have no injuries, it should only take approximately 5 minutes to complete (a bit longer if there are medical details you need to enter). In the interests of your health and safety, the MEDICLINIC team may contact you before or after the race for further information about any medical conditions or injuries that you may have.

Please click here to complete your medical questionnaire once you have entered.
All information provided is securely stored on Mediclinic’s own servers, and is not accessible to anyone other than the medical staff who will be on duty on the day of the events (not even Sanlam Cape Town Marathons’ own staff will have access to your answers).

We encourage you to take the necessary time and care to complete this as accurately as possible and value your commitment to race safety. Good luck with your training.

Dr Darren Green


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