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The will to succeed means nothing without the will to Prepare! To rise to the challenge of the Marathon and complete the 42km distance involves serious commitment of effort and determination.

The runners that take up the challenge are divided in the following categories:

  • Beginners- starting running from scratch 5h00
  • First time marathon runner– active runner and newcomer to the marathon distance 4h00
  • Advanced– aiming to complete a marathon in sub 3h00
  • Elite– aiming to complete the marathon in sub 2h30

We would like to provide you with a frame work and types of training that will make it a pleasurable but effective experience on your journey to finish the Big Marathon distance.

These training sessions will include:

  • Repetitions– efforts of fast running over a short distance
  • Fartlek– playing with speed
  • Tempo run– sustained fast running
  • Pyramid– easy running or jogging with brisk intensity running
  • Strides-fast but not flat out sprinting over a short distance

Now that you know the challenge ahead of you, it is important to decide what category runner you are, where to set your goal and how long you need to prepare for this true and pure endurance event. We believe as coaches that you need 12-16 weeks of preparation to the Marathon as a Regular Runner and as a novice 4 – 6 months. For your basic training programs CLICK HERE

Good luck and let’s get going.

Donec mi, commodo ut leo elit. Aliquam massa libero